BATC Voting Guide

October 24, 2014  By Katie Elfstrom

“The stakes are higher today than they’ve ever been, since the mid nineties regulation has spiked, nearly 30 percent of the final price point of a home is now attributable to regulation, “ said BATC Public Policy Director James Vagle. “If we have lawmakers that understand that, it helps all of us.”

With so many issues facing the housing industry we need every BATC member to head to their poll on November 4th. Here’s what you need to know before you cast your ballot.

 Why We Can’t Afford to Sit on the Sidelines

Find Your Polling Place

Firsts things first! Make sure your know where to go to vote. Find your polling place here >>

Review Your Sample Ballot

It always helps to take a look at your ballot before you vote. Check out your sample ballot here >>

Get to Know Your Candidates

An informed voter is the best voter! Be sure to learn as much as you can about your candidates. Following the links under your sample ballot is a great place to start >>

Learn More About the Issues facing our Industry

Look into where your candidates stand on some of the key issues impacting our industry and threatening the American Dream of home ownership in Minnesota.

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